Everything about Dhoni’s Army Insignia Gloves

Recently Dhoni came in to lime-light during the on-going Cricket World Cup, but not for his cricketing but for the Wicket-keeping Gloves he was wearing during the match. Seemingly, Dhoni was spotted wearing gloves carrying an Army insignia.

The concern here is that according to ICC’s rulebook for events, players cannot carry any personal message or logos on any piece of clothes or equipment. The gloves also breaches certain regulations that ICC has put in place for their events.

Now last week ICC had requested BCCI to get the Dagger Insignia removed from Dhoni’s gloves. But BCCI supported Dhoni and asked ICC to let Dhoni wear the same gloves.

A Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) chairman, Mr. Vinod Rai, said that he will request the ICC to allow him to continue sporting the insignia as it is neither political nor religious in nature. He also claimed that the insignia on the glove does not have the word ‘Balidaan’ and hence is not even an Army logo, which is a distinct logo of the paramilitary regiment.

An unnamed ICC was also observed to have made a statement that if it can be proved that the ‘Balidaan’ insignia is neither political nor religious in nature, then Dhoni may be allowed to carry the insignia on his gloves.

Sports minister Kirren Rijiju also tweeted about the matter urging BCCI to fairly resolve the gloves matter keeping mind the feelings of the country.

The ICCs ‘request’ to remove the gloves with insignia did not go well with the Indian fans and it attracted a lot of social media criticism.

BCCI CEO, Rahul Johri, will now be speaking with the ICC officials before India’s next World Cup match with Australia on Sunday to resolve the matter.

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