How to apply for Aadhaar Card?

We have already discussed the¬†benefits of getting Aadhaar Card¬†issued. Though the project is relatively new and it has had it’s own share of limitations, but is being increasingly being used by the government for public services related uses.

Now, lets see how to get one made for yourself. We will discuss both ways – Online and offline modes of applying for Aadhaar Card

Let us first take a look at offline method of applying for Aadhaar Card:

Aadhaar application is an appointment based process. This means, you will have to take an appointment before you go and meet the Aadhaar officials for your application.

Eligibility criteria for applying for Aadhaar Card:

  • You must be a resident of India, Non Resident Indian (NRI) or any foreign citizen residing in India
  • You can be of any age to apply for Aadhaar number. Children of age less than 3 years do not require giving bio-metric information. Their Aadhaar Card will be linked to the parents or the guardian. Once the child turns 5 years of age, he/she will need to give his/her bio-metric information
  • Children who their Aadhaar Cards made before the age of 15, will need to get their Bio-metric information re-registered once they turn 15 years old as by this age their bio-metrics would have changed.

Detailed steps for application for Aadhaar Card:

  • Visit the link – Fill all the details as requested and then click on ‘Fix Appointment’ button. Here is the screenshot of how the webpage looks like:
  • Entering the Mobile Number is very important as it will be used for sending all the updates to you and will also be used in case you want to get your appointment cancelled or rescheduled.
  • Once you fill the person details you can select the enrollment center and the date and time of the appointment online.
  • Once you have appointment details, you will need to visit the Aadhaar center to get yourself verified and registered with the UID department. Note that you will have take your original documents along with the print-out of the appointment form with you for first-level verification of your particulars.
  • The officials at the center will verify your details, take your photograph and will record your bio-metric readings. Bio-metric readings are your finger-prints, your eye-ball patterns, etc.
  • With this, the official will ask you to verify the details on the computer screen – the way it will get printed on the actual Aadhaar Card. Verify these properly as these details will get printed on your Aadhaar Card.
  • Once this process is complete, it will take a few days for your Aadhaar Card to get printed and get delivered at your home.

Here is a small animated video which shows the above process in an animated format:

Documents required to be taken to Aadhaar Se

  • Documents for proof of Identity (any one):
  • Photo ID card
  • Ration card
  • Passport 
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Documents for proof of Address (any one):
    • Water, Electricity, Telephone bills for last 3 

In case, if one does not have any proof of identity/address, in that case, the proof of relationship with the head of the family can be produced. Such as: 

  • Birth Certificate
  • PDS Card
  • MNREGA Job Card
  • ESIC Medical Card
  • Pension Card

Please note that the above process has been written based on the inputs from official Aadhaar website. But, it can change anytime without us getting any intimation. Hence, you should check the official website for exact process. IndiEventz and people associated will not be liable for any kind responsibility arising due to gaps in the process from as stated above.

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