How to link Aadhaar Number with Bank Account

The Government of India has mandated to link Aadhaar Number with Bank accounts. The initial deadline to link the Aadhaar Number was 31st December but according to the latest Supreme Court ruling all the dates related to linking Aadhaar Number with various documents has been extended till 31st March, 2018.

Many banks’ customer care centers have been calling their customers to follow up and request them to get their Aadhaar Number linked. But you should not wait for either your bank to remind you about this nor till the last date. It is because you might forget on the last day or might not be exactly available for getting this done.

Process to get Aadhaar Number linked to Bank account

Now most banks have their own procedure to allow you to link your Aadhaar numbers, but in principle, the processes are similar. Let us first take a look at online processes provided by the banks. Here are links to a few banks (which we are aware of) are providing this facility online:

Most of these and other banks are also providing facility to link your Aadhaar Number via SMS facility of your mobile phones. But for this, you will have to refer to your bank’s procedure as the number to which the SMS has to be sent could be different.

Once you have linked your Aadhaar Number to your bank account, you can also check the status via this link.

Note the disclaimer given on the UIDAI’s website:

Under any circumstance, UIDAI shall not be responsible or liable for the correctness of the displayed status. Further, UIDAI is not storing any information fetched from NPCI server.

Hence, please make sure that you link your Aadhaar Number correctly with you Bank Accounts. And, if you find any mistake, get the correction done as soon as possible.

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