TikTok maker ByteDance planning to launch a SmartPhone?

ByteDance, the parent company that owns the Most Popular App on AppStore TikTok, is planning to launch a smartphone of its own. Some unnamed sources have reported in a Financial Times report.

Reportedly, ByteDance’s CEO Zhang Yiming has always dreamt of launching a smartphone and that could be coming to reality soon. There are reports that ByteDance is already in talks with Smartisan, a company that holds a few patents and some employees have also been hired from the same company. There aren’t much details of the proposed phone available yet. But from what we know Zhang had always wanted to launch the phone with lots of apps pre-loaded.

ByteDance already has a few apps in their portfolio other than TikTok. Though TikTok has been their most successful app. It is the most famous app on App Store and among top apps on PlayStore. Other apps from ByteDance’s portfolio are Lark, a collaboration app, Felilao, an instant messenger app and there is one music streaming app too.

ByteDance has seen its fair share of trouble with their TikTok apps in India. The app was temporarily banned due to ‘cultural degradation’. But with company managed to talk to the government and get the ban lifted.

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